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Mobilier de salle de bain - Vanité en noyer


High-end furniture distinguished by clean lines enhanced with the richness and quality of the materials used.


Respecting the materials

The designing stage offers its designer a unique opportunity. For instance, taking a personal look at the different materials in order to highlight and unite them aesthetically, and functionally. Each piece thus echoes the product of reflection. The result: a unique perspective from the artist.


Design is both in the approach and the respect of the material. White Square evidenced by its selection of styles, harmony and union of materials that make up its products to sophisticated and distinctive lines.


Unique vision

Notwithstanding the current trends, feeling the material, exploring the form, creating a range of products without restriction, here is my heritage for White Square.

Richard Gingras.


Its visually pure materials and shapes are combined in a unique and lasting evocation.

Our pieces pair perfectly with numerous different materials that make up your space. They become the expression of your desires, a tribute to those timeless moments.


Express the noble essence of walnut fused with the purity of white. This is our new W&W collection.